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Reverse Mortgage Information

At Cobalt Mortgage, customer education is a main priority. We believe that it is our responsibility as a reverse mortgage consultant to provide you with the information and personal service needed to make well-informed choices. We have put together the following reverse mortgage information for our customers.

If you would like to learn more about a reverse mortgage or you are interested in talking one-on-one, contact a reverse mortgage consultant at Cobalt Mortgage. A reverse mortgage may be the right option for you!

Basic Reverse Mortgage Information

A reverse mortgage converts part of the equity in your home into money without requiring you to sell your home or give up the title to your property. In fact, you retain ownership and remain on title. These loans are available to qualifying homeowners aged 62 and older who own their own home with little or no remaining mortgage and who are currently occupying it as their primary residence. A main benefit of a reverse mortgage is that repayment for these loans is deferred until a maturity event takes place. These events usually include one of the following:

  • The home is sold
  • The last surviving borrower passes
  • The borrower(s) no longer lives in the home as their primary residence
  • The borrower(s) fails to meet an obligation of the loan such as paying taxes and insurance

Learn More Reverse Mortgage Information

  • What is a Reverse Mortgage : Basic reverse mortgage information including what a reverse mortgage is, how reverse mortgages work, and how you may qualify. This is a good starting place for those who know little about reverse mortgages and are looking for an introduction.
  • Reverse Mortgage Counseling - Determining Which Type of Reverse Mortgage May Work for You: Insight about why reverse mortgage counseling is crucial. This page also offers reverse mortgage information for those who may be considering reverse mortgages including a basic overview of each of the types of reverse mortgages and information on how to determine which type of reverse mortgage will best suit your needs.
  • Benefits of Reverse Mortgages for Seniors : Information about the main benefits of reverse mortgages as well as details about the information you should consider when making a reverse mortgage decision.
  • Comparing Reverse Mortgage Consultants : What to consider when choosing a reverse mortgage consultant.

Learn More Reverse Mortgage Information

If you would like to learn more about reverse mortgages, please contact a reverse mortgage consultant at Cobalt today!